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Rocky Mountain English Bulldog Puppies
Breeder: Terena Lebasack
Photo Credit: Valerie Music

New In March 2016
"New AKC Event - Fast CAT"

The American Kennel Club is pleased to announce the launch of a new event. The Fast CAT test is a timed 100-yard dash where a dog chases a lure. Dogs are run one at a time. It is a fun and healthy activity for dogs and their owners that answers the intriguing questionn - how fast can my dog run? The event is open to all dogs that are at least 12 months of age and are individually registered or listed with the AKC (registered purebred, FSS, PAL or AKC Canine Partner).

Click on AKC Fast CAT link for additional information is posted on the AKC's Fast CAT webpage.

New In April 2015
"Negiotiated Rulemaking Process (Idaho Fish & Game)"

Listed below is a link that will take readers to the Fish and Game website's page on the Negotiated Rulemaking Process. Information links are there for readers to view the proposal and make comments. Idaho Fish & Game wants public comment regarding the proposed mandatory trapper education course. People are free to comment on any element of the proposal and these comments will be gathered and presented to the commission. This is a place for concerned dog owners to provide their input about this course or other ideas they may have regarding how dog owners and trappers can co-exist on public lands.

Click Here To View Negiotiated Rulemaking Process

New In January 2015
"Recognizing & Avoiding Wildlife Traps"

A new educational video created by Idaho Fish & Game is now availabe on You tube. If you hike with your dog, this is a MUST VIEW VIDEO!

Click Here To View New Video by Idaho Fish and Game

New In December 2014
"Sniffing for the Missing - Dogs of Search & Rescue"

Click Here To View New Article on training Search and Rescue Dogs

New in June 2014

is now available in pdf form from the Juniors page on this website.

New in May 2014

In an effort to honor the thousands of therapy dog teams that make a difference in the lives of others daily, the American Kennel Club has added four new titles to the popular AKC Therapy DogTM program.

In addition to the AKC Therapy Dog (ThD) title (awarded after 50 visits), the AKC now offers:
  • AKC Therapy Dog Novice (ThDN) - Awarded after 10 visits
  • AKC Therapy Dog Advanced (ThDA) - Awarded after 100 visits
  • AKC Therapy Dog Excellent (ThDX) - Awarded after 200 visits
  • AKC Distinguished Therapy Dog (ThDD) - Awarded after 400 visits

AKC heard from many dog owners whose dogs had already earned the ThD title and who wanted additional formal recognition of their ongoing commitment to volunteering to help others. We're pleased to expand the AKC Therapy Dog program as a result of these requests," said Doug Ljungren, Vice President of AKC Sports and Events. "We've also added a way to acknowledge beginning therapy dogs, hoping that this will encourage even more dogs and owners to participate in therapy dog work."

Dogs who are registered and approved by recognized therapy dog organizations may apply to earn the AKC Therapy Dog titles, which will be listed on the dog's AKC title record. Any dog, including mixed breeds, can earn AKC Therapy Dog titles as long as the dog is AKC-registered, listed with AKC Canine Partners or enrolled in the Purebred Alternative Listing (PAL) program. AKC does not train or certify therapy dogs.

Applications for the new titles will be accepted beginning June 1st, with titles awarded beginning July 1st. To apply for a title or learn more about the AKC Therapy Dog program, visit

New In March 2014
"How to Release a Dog From a Trap"

If you hike with your dog, this is a 'must view' video!
Click Here To View New Video by Idaho Fish and Game